About Mellon Design Studio

 Mellon Design Studio, LTD proudly brings 25+ years of Interior Design experience, providing extensive knowledge for the Design-Build sector, along with established success in the application of Computer Generated Images for project promotion and sales.

Mellon Design Studio, LTD knows what it takes to present your projects in a comprehensive and easily understood visual presentation. 

After working in CAD and other Design Software we trained in Chief Architect and have never looked back. Chief Architect Interiors is a dedicated platform with state-of-the-art rendering capabilities and an extensive resource library. The platform supports all imports from vendors and can with ease import any of your project requirements.

Whatever your project calls for — from a Sketch View for Design Development to a Photo Realistic image for your final presentation — when working with Mellon Design, you can expect tailored, individual attention to elevate your projects and design concepts to the next level.

Most importantly, we love what we do. 


Showcase Design Concepts

One of the most significant advantages to using Computer Generated Imaging is in the ability to show exact spatial relationships and overall design concepts. Allowing for design modifications in real time and various views on how the space will look, a 3D Image will ensure that your project concept is cohesive and that the finishes, fabrics, and colors combinations are harmonious.  

Enhance Branding

Interior Design is a serious business with significant investments made by your clients. A portfolio of Computer Generated Images from simple sketch views to photo realistic views is an effective marketing and branding asset for your firm. For example, a portfolio of Computer Generated Images can be used as an enhancement to your social media pages while protecting client confidentiality of finished projects which often requires a written release. 

Save Time and Money

It can be not only time consuming but expensive to edit and revise your project documents. Computer Generated Images can be edited with a few clicks, resulting in views generated in a short amount of time, and without technical changes to the existing plan. 

Improve Design Development

Clear communication is pivotal to your projects success. For the consumer and non-visual person, conceptualizing a finished space can be difficult. Computer Generated Images remove that barrier and erase miscommunication during the design development process, resulting in fewer delays, seamless projects and most importantly satisfied clients.

From Concept to completion 3D renders enhance your project


Design Services

  • Preliminary Sketch Views
  • Floor Plans & Elevations
  • 3D Floor Plan Overviews
  • 3D Photo Realistic Renderings


Professionals Served

  • Interior Designers 
  •  Home-Staging Experts
  • Kitchen & Bath Designers
  • Architects
  • Real Estate Agents (Virtual Staging)
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Custom Builders