The scope of Interior Design is constantly changing. From new materials to market trends, the consumer of design services is inundated with a myriad of resources from  HGTV, Pinterest, to various design websites. 

The client of today expects to see the same type of magic they absorb via all forms of media. And in a competitive market, a hand-drawn rendering and printed drawings is quickly becoming outdated. However, an investment in hardware and rendering software is a significant expense for the small to mid-size firm, as is the complexity and learning curve required to implement successful Computer Generated Renderings.

Mellon Design Studio has the institutional knowledge of traditional “hand renderings” coupled with extensive experience in Computer Generated Imaging. From Concept Sketch style images for the design development phase to Photo Realistic images for final project approval, we know and understand what it takes to sell your job. 

Your view options

Concept Sketch View


A Sketch View shows spatial relationships and design flow without specific imagery of finishes. Finishes can later be rendered into the model once final selections have been made. 

Watercolor View


A Water Color View generates visual interest, and will enhance the overall presentation without distracting from plans, elevations and project material board presentations

Photo Realistic


 A Photo Realistic  view gives the most exact representation of your design with specific representation of your product selection, finishes and lighting.